How to Remove Water from Ears

I went swimming today 

The social media rollout program at AutoNation has been going great! Here are some updates.

I had a professor my last semester of college who assigned “This is Water” by David Foster Wallace to analyze. He spoke of blind certainty, unconscious worship, and the ability to think. The ability to think. This skill caught me off guard because certainly everyone who has a brain can think. However, throughout my semester with this professor I realized that making conscious decisions was much more difficult than I assumed, but when done correctly I felt the most amazing feeling of steady control over my own life. Therefore, after much research and thought I’ve decided the only way to become a true believer in my craft would be to attend a school that specializes in exactly what I want to do.

For a brief moment in time I lived in Ridgefield, Connecticut, a commuter town off the highway to New York filled with executives and their families. Four seasons, glowing school district, friendly neighbors, and not a single corner of rebellious disruption; I didn’t exactly fit in. I spent a majority of my childhood in Miami, FL, where I experienced the unruliness of gentrification and a community filled with the eagerness to reach the American dream. And then, I made my way to university in Orlando, FL. Throughout a childhood of awkward displacement, I do feel like this destination became my eventual home. From Mills ave where people aren’t how you expect them to be to Austin’s coffee shop, a place where talent is subjective and judgment is kind, Orlando was a place where I was encouraged and welcomed to be the truest version of myself.

More trees! I love trees. Especially when they’re in the most magical park in the world, Suwannee ♥

What makes a great sandwich?

I’ve done a series of interviews over the course of a few days where I’ve learned that despite the millions of interchangeable options a sandwich has there is one thing that never changes: its empathy towards its eater.

An interview I had with an eater lead to a philosophical truth about the empathetic sandwich. The eater stated that the many or not so layers of a sandwich can symbolize each layer of an eater’s life. The amount of layers and the quality of each one signifies how great a sandwich is in parallel to that of the eater’s life. To analyze what the eater meant, I asked for examples. The eater stated that throughout her life she found that the things that satisfied her were exactly that, things. As the years passed her by she’s realized that the layers of her life account for absolutely nothing. Her expensive vehicle is of no assistance to her as she lives in a metropolitan area with plenty of public transportation, her electronics have become outdated just as soon as she’s begun to understand how to use them, and her designer clothing is now out of style. She has nothing to show for the past 8 years of her life because all she was working towards were thesethings. Cue the Fluffer-Nutter. The Fluffer-Nutter is a popular sandwich from Massachusetts, in which its ingredients solely contain peanut butter and a marshmallow spread. This particular sandwich will only fulfill a hunger of about 15 minutes long, and then dissolve into an eater’s fat cells, adding, if constantly eaten, to a life time of obesity, diabetes and unfulfilled hunger. It is the sandwich that represents an unfulfilled life. This particular sandwich is insatiably selfish, and it is not a great, empathetic sandwich.

A great sandwich has a persistence about it that is reliably loyal. Wherever you may go, be it you are a sheltered American taking your first trip overseas to Ireland, and as you trek off of the plane’s concourse into the airport where food is not akin to the local cuisine, but definitely not what you are accustomed to…you can bet your ass there is a sandwich shop. And when you look over the menu and fear that perhaps the items might be plunged with leeks or potatoes, or whatever ironic Irish ingredient that typically appears in a James Joyce novel, you realize that these sandwiches are actually, in actuality, empathetic. There’s the Grilled Cheese, Club, Cuban, BLT, French Dip, Egg Salad, Ham and Cheese, Tuna Melt…sandwiches that speak the same language to every culture.

When you give a hungry traveler a sandwich, in my experience, the traveler experiences instant gratification. The sandwich soothes the beast in the belly and carries a hunger relief for an adequate amount of time. A great sandwich is an empathetic sandwich. It knows its limitations. Do not make the eater overstuffed, but do not leave the eater hungry for more. Be sure the proper bread is used per meat, sauce, vegetable. Do not get soggy. An empathetic sandwich is a loyal servant, but at the same date of issue, its eater is equally, as so, appreciative.